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Kvinnolåt with Anna Rynefors and Miriam Andersén
This Swedish all champion player duo presents a project with female composers and musicians in focus. They start in the norse-icelandic poetry where the female poets are a unique group in European history. Over female poets from the medieval France, female saints and culture carrying nuns, they land in the Swedish folk music with female ballads, female master players and carriers of tradition.They sing and play the harp, drum, rhythm sticks, rebec, Swedish bagpipes and key fiddle (nyckelharpa).


Briggen Tre Bröder from Lister
This delightful group of three brothers plus a friend has now become a quartett that is a great asset to the area's musical festivities. 
They have played on Ljungbacka several times with great success. Proficient instrumentalists with beatiful harmonies in their vocals.
They made the audience happy last summer 2022 and they are coming back to finish our festival 2023, knowing that many of our guests will use the dance floor as it is nearly impossible to sit still when they are performing! 


Musikquiz with bard Peo Hallberg
from Trollhättan is secretary in "Ljungbacka's Friends". His repertoire from all our bards of past times who used to meet in "Den Gyldene Freden" of Stockholm's old town and his knowledge of the Swedish ballad tradition is impressive. Peo was very well received with his music quiz on Ljungbacka the past seven summers. He is going to present yet another under the great oak on Ljungbacka 2023. Valuable prices await those with good knowledge of the Swedish ballad tradition.


Stefan Nilsson from Nogersund.
Stefan was a local fisherman for 40 years but has changed profession to become a very successful and appreciated musician, not just locally. He plays everything from the late Swedish composer and singer Dan Andersson to Elvis Presley and will be perfect for Ljungbacka's dance stage because  dancing is perfect to Stefan's music. Interesting and funny stories told in his local Lister dialect will surely be appreciated amongst the audience. We're really looking forward  to this.


The trio Gunnar Källström with son  Olof Källström and Martin Olssson.
Gunnar is an actor, songpoet and book author and he will be visiting Ljungbacka's stage with his latest album "The Funny One's Road". It is his tenth album in which you will hear songs about peace, close relations, the worlds of a child and the time that passes while the maccaroni is boiling. This sounds a bit odd maybe but accompanied with funny melodies it turns out to be really funny. As always when Gunnar is performing there will be hilarious stories between the melodies. 


Asarums danslag
Our octagonal open dance stage will be open for the fifth time with this traditional, Swedish
dance group from Asarum. They are a beautiful sight with their well coordinated dances and their folkloristic dresses. The audience, ofcourse will be invited to try the boards as well.


Mikael Neumann.
Mikael is a Danish/Swedish guitarist, singer, entertainer, textauthor, songwriter amongst other things. The list is very long. He was born in Copenhagen on January 17. 1949 and grew up there with his Danish father Ulrik Neumann and his Swedish mother Christina Sorbon-Neuman. His father Ulrik had just as many strings on his guitar as guitarist, singer, composer and entertainer. He was a member of the popular ensemble The Swe-Danes with Alice Babs and Svend Asmussen. His mother Christina was a celebrated singer and actress.
Mikael now lives in Ljunghusen; Skåne, Sweden.                  
Sessions in the park
Feel free to move around and to get drinks and food from the barn or throw a sausage or hamburger on the barbeque. Grab the opportunity to walk around in our beautiful park and listen to the many music sessions between trees and shrubs, or just sit on one of the many patios and enjoy the nature. There are also usually spontaneous sessions in the house.

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