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Irish folk is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres in world folk musik. The Bow Duplets is a multinational project that was a part of the former band "Bow Triplets" (founder Stef Sigfalk). The thirty year old history: "Stef's Irish Folkband" (1987), Irish Connection 1993), Bow Triplets (1996-2020).  World wide media described the Bow Triplets as a top notch Celtic band, their traditional interpretations as well as their own compositions still get frequent airplay on many radiostations around the world. The musicians came from Ireland, Sweden and Germany. Two members of the Band, Brendan Wade from Ireland and Stef Sigfalk from Sweden have been playing duo concerts together since 2008 so when Bow Triplets stopped playing in 2020, "The Bow Duplets" was born. They play and sing all your favourites!

Expect manifold instrumentations, exciting arrangements and much fun from stage when you go to a concert with The Bow Duplets!


YES, we'd love to play at your party! Just send us an email:  bowtriplets (at) shlink.ch or call us 0041 79 216 70 04


Listen to our music here!


      Discography 1989 - 2017