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"Stef is a singer/songwriter whose songs and voice touch the heart and I'm convinced his songs are magic for they have a certain way of suddenly making everything alright". (Jodee James, singer/songwriter, New Jersey, USA)






Never Too Early                         mp3lo    mp3hi

Not The First Time                     mp3lo    mp3hi

If You're Home before Me          mp3lo    mp3hi

Guide Me to My Gold                 mp3lo    mp3hi

Captain, My Captain                  mp3lo    mp3hi 

One Spot on Earth                     mp3lo    mp3hi

Here's a Great Night                  mp3lo    mp3hi

Red Headed Bee                       mp3lo    mp3hi

Yesterday Sunshine

The Old Girl                               mp3lo   mp3hi

Meghan & Robin                        mp3lo   mp3hi

The Last Shirt                            mp3lo   mp3hi

Fair Play to You                         mp3lo   mp3hi

The One Thing I Do

If Nobody Will Touch Me

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